Some Projects at the Global Software Institute

Resources for Natural Resources and National Infrastructure

We are compiling a set of links to resources available via the world-wide web, which pertain to managing natural resources and related topics. We are including links to government and university data sets and software, to open-source projects, and to possibly useful commercial products. Although we will check the links carefully for appropriateness, and try to purge obsolete information quickly, these are in no sense a recommendation by Global Software Institute.

The links will be available at this location in the near future. Meanwhile, if you have information about a site which you think should be included, please contact us.

Natural Resources Education

The Open Dragon projects will place professional quality remote sensing and geographic information systems software into the hands of educators in developing countries.

National Languages

Much valuable software, both open-source and commercial, cannot be used in developing countries because it is not internationalized, or it is improperly internationalized. GSI building a set of software resources and links related to software internationalization.

Although this repository will include useful materials from a wide variety of sources, we are particularly interested in hosting tools developed locally within non-English-speaking countries. If you have software or information about software which you think should be included, please contact us.

Global Software Institute
is interested in developing projects in the following areas. If you have ideas for ways to apply computers to the needs of developing countries in these areas, you are welcome to contact us.

Please note that we are not a funding agency. However, we will consider working with you to coordinate funding and other resources. We can also consider hosting a web site devoted to such projects.

  • Rural Health/Medical

    Especially delivery of health care to rural women.

  • Agriculture Information Technologies

  • Agricultural Products in International Trade

    Probably relating to quality control and documentation.

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response

  • Science Education

  • World Heritage - Preservation of National Cultures

    Especially music